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Other services available:

  • Same Day Delivery Possible

  • Flexible Hire Period

  • Waste Minimisation Advice

  • On-site Waste Management Audit

  • Domestic/Commercial Trade Waste

  • Factory Clearance

  • Contract Work

  • Data Destruction & Confidential Waste Service

  • Recycling

We supply an extensive range of skips throughout the South West. We offer a fast, friendly professional service with competitive prices. Skips are available in various sizes to suit your individual requirements.

We can accommodate commercial, construction and demolition waste.

All waste is processed through our transfer station to maximise recovery rates and limit the impact on the environment.

All skip sizes are available for scrap metal collections, inert waste, mixed waste and construction waste, including plasterboard.

Our knowledgeable staff will advise you on the best solution for your waste removal and will ensure all relevant documentation is raised, in line with current legislative requirements.

Skip Hire Barnstaple

6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 Cubic Yard Skips
Hook Lift (Ro/Ro) 18-40 Cubic Yards
Rear End Loading Skips (Sealed Unit, Lockable available on request)

General Builders Skips

6, 8 cu yd Skip, available for Mixed Waste and Inert (clean rubble) Waste
10, 12, 14 cu yd, available for Mixed Waste
All skip sizes are available for Scrap Metal collections

Hook Lift Skips (RO/RO)

The Ro/Ro gives the customer the ability to remove large amounts of waste from a site more efficiently at less cost whilst improving the impact on the environment through a reduction in transport movement. Bins can be supplied in 18, 20, 25, 35, 40 cu yd and are available for Mixed Waste, Scrap Metals and Inert (clean rubble) Waste.

Rear End Loader Skips (REL’S)

Our REL skips are popular on sites where security is paramount. These skips are a sealed unit with doors front and rear allowing the customer to lock the skip preventing unauthorised use and access. 



Inert waste is waste which is neither chemically or biologically reactive and will not decompose. Examples of this are concrete, stone and earth (excluding turf/ grass).

Mixed construction waste is a mixture of mineral and non-mineral material such as mixtures of wood, metal, cables, film, packing material, glass, cardboard, paper, plastics etc. The mineral material includes bricks, tiles, wall debris, stones, concrete etc. Special waste such as roofing felt, asbestos cement, paint, lacquer etc. is excluded.

Municipal waste (household waste) is solid waste that has not been sorted into specific categories, such as plastic, glass, yard trimmings etc.

For further information call 01271 378198 / 0333 123 7000 or email enquiries@swmrecycling.co.uk

6 Cubic Yards

H: 4'   L: 8'6"   W: 5'

(Holds 50-60 black bags)

8 Cubic Yards

H: 4'   L: 12'   W: 5'6"

(Holds 60-80 black bags)

10 Cubic Yards

H: 6'   L: 12'   W: 6'

(Holds 80-100 black bags)

12 Cubic Yards

H: 5'6"   L: 12'2"   W: 5'10"

(Holds 100-120 black bags)

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