SWM  is one of the largest vehicle recyclers in the South West.

Local Collection Service available.

To scrap your vehicle/car call 01237 472270 (for quotes and collections) or complete a vehicle valuation form.



“Every year End of Life Vehicles generates between 8 and 9 million tonnes of waste in the European Community and this level of waste must be handled correctly.”

The End of Life Vehicle Regulations (2003) state that any vehicle reaching the end of its life must be taken to a licensed Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) to be de-polluted before it can be scrapped. Tougher de-pollution and recovery targets are being imposed and by 2015 legislation will be in place to ensure that 95% of End of Life Vehicles are recovered.

SWM have numerous ATF sites conveniently placed throughout the South West where we offer a professional service for the disposal of end of life vehicles.

We also offer a collection service for abandoned and untaxed cars and work closely with the Local Authorities.

Once collected the vehicles are placed in secure storage for statutory periods, before they enter the de-pollution and recycling process.

Every vehicle’s details are maintained on a database that records and monitors all information relating to the collection of abandoned vehicles, which provides automatic updates to the key stakeholders.

With our network of approved ATF sites we are ideally placed to provide Local Authorities, businesses or individuals with a solution for end of life vehicles, including a growing number of abandoned cars, vans and other vehicles which are increasingly seen as an environmental hazard.


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