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“Our recycled plastics are used for a number of products for example pallets, tooth brushes, furniture etc.”

At SWM we process and recycle cardboard and plastic through our network of Transfer Stations.

We work with organisations such as Local Authorities and commercial businesses. We bale, granulate and shred these wastes ready for distribution within the UK and export markets.

It is estimated that cardboard can be recycled up to eight times; 100% of our cardboard is recycled. Our recycling activities ensure that the full life span of our customers’ waste packaging is utilised.

Our sites can receive both domestic and commercial cardboard and paper. We also provide a collection service that we can tailor to suit your needs and our knowledgeable staff will work with you to ensure that we provide you with the right solution.

In addition we provide a recycling solution for plastic waste, processing and recycling all types of plastic including pallet wrap, bottles, post production plastic waste and window frames. We have the facilities to grade, bale, shred and granulate plastics which are then used in the manufacture of new products. All of the wheeled bins supplied to our customers are manufactured from recycled plastic.

Subject to your individual needs and requirements we can provide a secure destruction service and issue Certificates of Destruction to prove secure disposal.

  • Pallet Wrap

  • Bottles

  • Post Production Plastic

  • Window Frames

  • Grade

  • Bale

  • Granulate

  • Shred

  • Domestic

  • Commercial

  • Collection Service

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