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SWM launched the RE.WORK INITIATIVE in June 2012 aimed at helping long term unemployed, people with disability or those with  learning difficulties access work experience and gain paid employment.

We recognized how difficult it is for some people to access opportunities for employment, and we have seen a growing number of people from different backgrounds struggling to get on the job ladder, many of whom do not have relevant skills or suitable experience to enable them to gain interviews, let alone secure employment. Therefore we developed a scheme to allow us to give something back to the community, whilst gaining access to a talent pool that until recently has been undervalued.

We took skills and values that already existed in our business and looked at how we could use them to make a positive difference. By offering work experience and offering mentoring to those on the programme we have been able to provide individuals with many transferable skills, including, communication, time keeping, team working, task completion, as well as help with CV preparation, interview skills and presentation. The programme and philosophy behind it has helped many individuals with limited opportunities re-train, re-engage and be re-introduced into the work place.

The SWM RE.WORK INITIATIVE is designed like the other parts of our business to be sustainable. We recognise that a potentially large labour resource have in the past not been developed, stimulated or encouraged, our programme offers a helping hand, so they can reach the opportunities afforded to other members of society.

  • Employer values

  • Presenting yourself and your skills in the best light

  • CV and application skills

  • Work experience

  • Apprenticeships

  • Job specific skills

  • Transferable skills

Experience in the workplace provides individuals with the chance to prove their commitment and heighten their awareness of the realities of successful employment. It teaches them why it’s important to turn up on time each day, allows them to develop valuable transferable skills such as team work, clear communication and a strong work ethic. It also helps nurture confidence, assertiveness and independence. For some, work experience can be the taster they need to help decide whether a particular career path is for them. For those who are disadvantaged or who have experienced difficulty finding employment it can be a stepping stone that brings them gently into the workplace.

SWM is working in partnership with other organisations to deliver a programme encompassing:


SWM is working with Pluss the Social Enterprise organisation that supports thousands of disabled people each year to achieve work and a career  www.pluss.org.uk

Re-train>>> Re-engage>>> Re-introduce

“A good CV is one thing, but practical experience can be invaluable.”

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