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SWM leading the way to ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL


SWM & Waste Recycling Ltd, are pleased to announce the instillation of the latest recycling technology at their material recovery and waste transfer facility in South Molton.

The circa £1 million investment includes a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF), described as “being amongst the most modern in the UK” and will enable to company to sort and segregate both co-mingled material and source separated waste.

This MRF technology will support SWM in maintaining long-term relationships with valued clients by offering a future proof waste solution, that satisfies the companies promise to divert waste away from landfill, and provides innovative solutions which will convert waste into useful, sustainable products.

SWM Director Shawn Akers said “We are commitment to zero waste to landfill through processing and segregation and transforming waste in a sustainable way. We explored Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), but this is burnt once and gone so we were much more interested in a closed loop system and solution.”

The new MRF provides:

High processing efficiency, creating revenue and sustainable operations due to the scale of recovered material.

Recyclates that are generally of high quality

A significant contribution towards meeting high recycling targets and diverting material away from landfill.

A processing capability for material from curbside collection systems, commercial and industrial sources.

The new facility installed at SWM’s South Molton Transfer Station, has been supported by South Molton Town Council who have extended the companies site lease.

Shawn continued “12 new job opportunities will be created which is great news for employment in the area. It was a blow to the local community when SMR (South Molton recycling) ceased trading, however SWM have just held a recruitment day to try and offer employment to those now out of work or wishing to join the industry.”

SWM Operations Director Martin Mogford added “As well as offering an innovative recycling facility, we are also able to provide sustainable work opportunities for a diverse range of local individuals, including those from disadvantaged background, and welcome applications from those working in or a desire to work in the waste and recycling industry..”

The MRF benefits from a 10 bay picking station allows the picking of 5-10 different materials at one time. There is an air density separator and a two stage double air knife machine to separate the light and heavy fraction of the 10-40 mm material.

Transfer points do not require operators to bend or twist excessively when taking items from the belt and placing it on the transfer chute, giving a safe, comfortable and productive working environment. External drop chutes maximise recycling capacity and facilitate flexibility.

Typical tonnages: C&D 15-20 tphr recovery 80-85% C&I 8-12 tphr recovery 85-90% TDC waste 5-6 tphr recovery 96-98%

Please get in touch via phone or email for further information.

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