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Significant investment, continuous improvement


2016 has seen Leading South West independent waste recycling company SWM continue investing in its business.

Operating from a Head Office in Barnstaple with sites throughout the South West, SWM handle and process a variety of waste streams and operate a zero waste to landfill methodology, which has been helped by the installation of a state-of-the-art Materials Recycling Facility at their South Molton Transfer Station. With this technology, separation is more achievable, resulting in better segregation of waste and allows higher amounts of recycling to be claimed. This means useful resource is delivered back into the supply chain and not sent to land fill.

SWM Director Shawn Akers said “We have seen and are being asked for new and innovative outlets for waste disposal and in addition to capturing more recyclates, we are committed to the effective movement of waste, the ability to bulk up loads and to minimizing our impact on the environment.”

For this reason 2016 has seen further investment in a Hammel Shredder primarily as a tool to help create product suitable for the energy from waste market and a Mercedes Benz, Actros 2545LS lorry.

The Mercedes will operate with a walking floor trailer manufactured by Titan to transport large quantities of product, quickly, efficiently and with a keen eye on environmental impact. The new combination will supplement an already extensive fleet of trucks and trailers. Equipped with the latest Mercedes, Blue Efficiency, Euro 6 emission standard engine and automatic transmission, it will help to save fuel and reduce emissions.

SWM is committed to a constant policy of service improvement, investment in new plant and equipment, and adapting and changing their work practices to meet the ever increasing demands of suppliers and customers.

Recycling and re-use of metals has been a core aspect of SWM’s services over the last 50 plus years and they continue to lead the way in North Devon and the South West. They are justifiably proud of their contribution to sustainable, environmentally friendly waste solutions.

Pictured: Mercedes representative, Justyn Marshman handing over keys to SWM Director Raymond Penfold and driver Dai Eynon


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