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New 'Give back' Scheme

Members of the public should look to sell their scrap metal items directly to metal recyclers, rather than taking them to local authority civic amenity sites.

The results of a recent online survey  carried out by YouGov on behalf of a leading UK based Metal Recycler found that 65% of the public prefer to take their metal waste to a local council recycling centre instead of to a metal recycling company.

According to the survey  only 32% of the public said they would sell scrap metal to a scrap metal company, and a “worrying” 1% said they would fly-tip it. Whilst the remainder would pay someone externally to take it away directly from their home.

Commenting on the survey  SWM’s Managing Director Martin Mogford said “If the results coming out of the survey are to be believed it is very worrying. As the region’s  leading metal recycler, we strongly believe that promoting the need to recycle all metal is a fundamental  part of what we do”. He continued “SWM want the general public to be aware that we welcome their business, and are  investing to make our yards more welcoming, the public could be missing out so we want them to know that now it is easier than ever to sell waste metal to SWM. Not only do you get the peace of mind  knowing  that your metal is recycled efficiently, but you also get paid for it.”

As part of a Global Recycling Programme SWM has also launched an initiative which gives  back to local charities/ organisations who support scrap metal recycling through their metal recycling yards.

For every tonne of waste metal purchased SWM will donate a percentage back to the nominated charity or organisation. For the month of March they are supporting the North Devon Hospice.

As a family business, SWM is proud to support an initiative that recognises that businesses can make a difference to local communities and to the environment. The metals recycling industry, while being a driver of the circular economy, faces many challenges. Some British Metal Recycling Association members, such as SWM, lose business to scrap yards who pay cash for scrap metal, which is illegal, it is also illegal to receive cash for your scrap. These yards are often not environmentally compliant, and pay no regard to the Health and Safety or the welfare of their employees. SWM want the public and businesses to support yards like theirs who are heavily regulated,  professional and prepared  to give back. 

So if you want to raise money  for yourself or for a cause close to your heart take your metal waste to one of SWM’s yards in South Molton, Barnstaple or Bideford.

To be considered for their give back initiative please email m.mogford@swmrecycling.co.uk.

For further information on SWM go to www.swmrecycling.co.uk or call 01769 572184


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