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Kelvion Partnership achieves zero waste to landfill

Updated: Jul 27, 2021


Waste is an issue for every business, but it doesn’t have to be a problem.

SWM were invited by Kelvion Searle Limited to carry out a full waste audit on their Fareham site and this resulted in a Vendor Managed Waste System (VMWS) that has seen a reduction in waste management costs.

There are increasing concerns about the potential consequences of poorly managed and operated waste treatment and landfill sites. Partnerships such as that between SWM and Kelvion have seen a zero waste to landfill philosophy that eliminates their reliance on landfill sites. They believe in Recycling, Repairing, and Re-use in a way that transforms waste into useful commodities. Rigorous operational controls are adopted and monitoring systems are used to verify performance of the service and recycling options.

The audit involved a complete review of current waste management activities and informed new practices which have seen:

A more efficient and cost effective solution for the handling, containment, transportation and disposal of all waste streams.

The introduction of new containers to segregate General Waste from Mixed Recyclable Waste. With the on-site segregation of dry recyclables, “Up Cycling” and scrap metal delivering enhanced rebates.

Hazardous waste containment solutions have improved compliance with enforcement agencies such as the Environment Agency or the HSE.


All General Waste is now diverted away from landfill via energy from waste options.

Reduced labour and administration costs.

Kelvion’s disposal charges per annum including waste to landfill tariffs were high and the process of reducing charges was addressed in a new structure designed to deliver immediate cost savings. This has seen non-recyclable materials being incinerated to provide Energy From Waste (EFW) and Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) being recycled into aggregates.

The continuous improvement that is serviced by SWM’s quality management information reporting has seen a cost effective solution help to promote a more sustainable business.

Since initiating the project there have been numerous benefits to the Fareham site. SWM have improved Kelvion’s knowledge of the waste market, provided industry information and have helped achieve better environmental compliance. Kelvion noted “ Working in partnership with SWM has ensured that principles of Waste Hierarchy are being applied, prevention, minimisation, re-use, recycling, energy recovery, disposal and ‘zero waste’ to landfill. We are delighted with the results so far.”

The SWM Director, Shawn Akers, added “Our approach to successful Total Waste Management is to work in partnership with our customer’s, agree on mutually beneficial targets and share in the rewards which these offer".


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