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Free Waste Audit

Environmentally friendly waste management is on most company’s agenda, with re-use, repair and recycling no longer an option, but often a necessity.

Managing different waste streams effectively is something that many companies require assistance with.

For this reason, SWM offer a FREE no-obligation waste audit of your business to help in identifying ways in which you could become more efficient, improve your environmental credentials and save money.

Handling your waste management activities through one service provider, allows greater integration together with the benefits of environmental best practice, and leaves you free to focus on your core business activities.

SWM’s Sustainable and Integrated Waste Management Service can be delivered simply and effectively using a 4 stage approach:

Stage 1. Benchmark your current waste management activities, assess your performance and make recommendations for improvement.

Stage 2. Outline the solution for the management and recycling of your waste streams, which also extends to other activities such as equipment sourcing, health & safety training, staff training, green teams and environmental awareness.

Stage 3. Coordinate your recycling and waste management activities and manage the change over process to ensure that service, and customer service support is maintained.

Stage 4. Jointly agree Key Performance Indicators to measure cost savings, environmental performance and value added opportunities. Our effective Customer Relationship Management System will allow the input and extraction of management information that can be used to maintain and sustain a quality assured service, which simultaneously seeks continual improvement.

If you are passionate about saving money, and are interested in talking about innovative, sustainable, and cost effective recycling operations call us on 01271 378198.


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