Farmer Christmas has come early

Mole Valley Plus customers can take advantage of a silage wrap amnesty bewteen 13 Novemebr and 15 December 2017 at SWMs South Molton Transfer Station, Pathfileds Business Park EX36 3EH Tel 01769 572184. Clean and sorted silage wrap will be taken free of charge*

*Charges will apply to contaminated plastics

Farm Scrap Means Money

Farm scrap means money with best prices paid for copper, brass, alluminium, lead, stainless steel, precious metals, nickel bearing alloys , iron, streel, end of life vehicles and copper/househld cable.

MVF Silage wrap amnesty

Amanda Smith

SWM's Amanda Smith (pictured) and Jessica Mogford were on hand, on market day, at Mole Valley Farmers South Molton to spread the word about our silage wrap amnesty. Working in partnership with Mole Valley Plus SWM is offering free recycling on all clean and sorted silage wrap between 13 November and 15 December 2017.  SWM were able to advise on environmentally friendly and responsible waste management. Farmers were also made aware of the potential value to be gained from scrap farm metals. 

SWM Support for CLIC Sargent

Money raised during SWM's Summer BBQ was presented by Julie Brown to Helen Glass of CLIC Sargent, at CLICs quiz night held at Bratton Fleming Village Hall. The total rasied was £52 and SWM would like to thank colleagues for their support and valuable contribution. 

Charitable support

SWM staff raised £260 at the Summer BBQ, with raffles and an auction and nominated charities which each received an equal share:

  • Chemo Hero
  • North Devon Hospice
  • Clic Sargent
  • Northam Lodge
  • Cats Protection League

A big thank you to everyone who supported this initiative.


Coastbuster Challenge Donation

SWM have raised £75 for the Coastbusters Challenge supporting Scotty’s Little Soldiers and ChemoHero.  Pictured: Ben Mogford - SWM, Peter Westaway of the Coast busters Challenge Team Roxanne Murdoch - SWM

SWM drive sustainable growth

Leading independent South West waste and recycling company SWM are continuing to expand and are eager to limit their impact on the environment as well as the impact of the waste that they handle.

Managing Director Martin Mogford said ‘We’re keen to practice what we preach and long term sustainability is the order of the day both internally and externally. That’s why we have invested in a state of the art electric vehicle to complement our fleet’.

Recycle Challenge Winners

Shirwell Community Primary School joined forces with SWM to help children understand what happens to their recycling.

Two groups of children twenty-six 7-11 year olds and twenty-four 4-7 year olds visited the SWM & Waste Recycling head office in Roundswell, Barnstaple.

Raymond Penfold - fondly remembered and very much missed

Raymond Penfold was a family man who built an enviable business and reputation as a man of great integrity. His word was his bond even if it meant disadvantaging himself.

Significant investment, continuous improvement

2016 has seen Leading South West independent waste recycling company SWM continue investing in its business.